Bursar is a fancy word for those who collect payment for your education.  This office maintains your financial records as it pertains to what you have paid, and what you yet owe your college or university.  It is important to communicate with them even if you are receiving financial aid monies so that you can be sure you are fully covered and, thus, not eventually dropped from classes for non-payment.  This office also distributes refunds to students who have monies in excess of their tuition, room and board.  Be aware that refund monies are meant to be used to assist you as you earn your education, and if they are a part of a student loan package they must be repaid.  If you can earn scholarships to take place of these monies it is advisable to do so.  If not, accept refund monies only in the amount you need to live on the basics and attend school.  Many students make the mistake of buying nice clothes or even cars with their refund monies and are sorry later when they are working and they must repay the loan out of their income.

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