Where are the scholarships?

Are you writing checks or cashing them?

I recently spoke with a mom who has a talented son in college.  Her son has already won some awards, but he could use more considering that he’s an out of state student and the cost of education is ever rising. This mom is involved in her community, and that is precisely where I suggest she start looking for more money!

Once a student matriculates the opportunity to qualify for national scholarships shrinks.  However, many organizations are dying to give away money to hometown heroes.  Start looking around at the organizations that serve your community.  Start looking at scholarships related to your political affiliation, and organizations that cater to your values.  Last semester I wrote a letter of recommendation for a student from Boston to an organization dedicated to maintaining the Bostonian ideal of freedom and democracy.  The student was interested in political science and was a natural fit.  The organization’s website wasn’t fancy, but who cares if they have money to give and it fits your values!

Start reading the sign posted at the entry to your city.  Check your local Chamber of Commerce for its list of members.  Examine the active civic organizations in your town, city, county, and state.  There are plenty of funds that go undistributed year after year because no one applies.  Be sure this year that you at least try!