It’s Always Okay to Seek Mental Health Help

Need help? Speak up. Please.

The 2010-2011 academic year was an especially trying one.  Students from all of my advising groups dealt with some serious mental health issues that affected their self esteem, grades, and unfortunately, in one case, one student nearly harmed himself.  I am proud of each and every student who came to see me even though their troubles eventually took an emotional toll on my own mental health.

Students there are many things that may cause you to need professional counseling.  Some students have a chemical imbalance that leaves them struggling against mental illness all of their lives.  Other students experience traumatizing events such as sexual assault and need to speak to both a counselor and the police.  Yet other students are simply experiencing intense pressure to succeed and need to learn coping mechanisms to handle their responsibilities.  All of these are legitimate reasons to reach out to someone on campus whether that be a professor you trust, an academic advisor, or you go directly to your counseling center.  Many of us aren’t trained professionals, but we know how to reach the people who are, and we know how to reach them quickly.

There is still a stigma against those who suffer from depression or other mental health problems, but it is still important to get help when you need it.  I am happy to report that all of students have gone on to seek therapy and finished the semester strong.